Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday's Shopping

As you can see, I bought Diet Cherry Pepsi again. The taste grew on me. Prices are gradually creeping up. The Pepsi used to be $3.55 and it's now $3.99 (closer to $5.00 at other stores). Cream is up from $3.56 to $3.78 and the Clean Shower is now $2.24 instead of $1.97. I'll check Walmart's price on the shower spray on Thursday. Theirs was always the same price as HEB's and I bet it went up there too. At least the jalapeños were a bargain so I'm making another batch pickles today.


  1. How do you eat the bread and butter jalapeños? Any particular dishes you eat them with or use them in?


    1. I snack on them quite often right out of the jar. I also like them as a topping on things such as roast pork and burgers. I put BBQ sauce on the pork along with the peppers. They go very well together. Basically, I put them on any food that compliments the flavor. I seem to find all kinds of ways to use them. Oh, and they're also good in egg salad and tuna salad. I think I'd like them in chicken salad as well.