Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shopping List - Week of November 30 - December 6


FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
Chicken tenders @ 1.99lb - $4.24
Laundry detergent - $1.99
Ground beef @ 1.79lb (marked down) - $4.48

TOTAL - $10.85

HEB (Tuesday):
1 quart heavy cream - $3.56
Sugar free passion fruit drink - $1.88

TOTAL - $5.60

HEB (Thursday):
Candy - $3.98 (for stocking stuffers)
Ham @ 1.69lb - $10.50
Dill relish @ 1.49 (minus .75 coupon) - $.74
6 pack diet soda - $1.25

TOTAL - $16.90

KROGER (Thursday):
Peanut butter @ 1.79 (minus 10% discount) - $1.61
Frozen vegetable blend @ 1.00 (minus 10% discount) - $.90
Ice cream @ 2.98 (minus 10% discount) - $2.68
American cheese @ 4.19 (minus 10% discount) - $3.77
2 sugar free hot cocoa mix @ 1.00 each (minus 10% discount) - $1.80
Liquid Stevia @ 3.79 (minus 10% discount) - $3.41
2 cans tuna @ .74 each (minus 10% discount) - $1.34

TOTAL - $15.51

WALMART (Thursday):
Mincemeat - $4.98
Vinegar - $.56
4 ounce green chiles - $.58
16 ounce frozen cauliflower - $.98

TOTAL - $7.10

ALDI (Thursday):
2 dozen eggs @ .99 each - $1.98
8 ounce Colby cheese - $1.89
Bread - $.99
Coffee filters - $1.19
Raisins - $2.89
Shortening - $2.89
2 cans tomato paste @ .39 each - $.78
Coffee - $2.79
2 pounds apples - $1.59
2 pounds butter @ 2.29 each - $4.58
Chocolate chips - $1.49

TOTAL - $23.16

SPROUTS (Thursday):
2 sugar free Lilly's chocolate bars @ 3.99 each - $7.98

TOTAL - $8.64

GRAND TOTAL - $87.76 (over budget by $27.76)



As you can see, I went ahead and bought the Christmas ham today as well as the sugar free chocolate to make the Chocolate Truffle Torte for my Christmas dessert. HEB had Smithfield hams on sale and I bought the last one they had. Luckily the last one they had was a small one so the price wasn't outrageous. It should be plenty of ham for the two of us or three of us if our son is here for Christmas dinner. I also went ahead and bought all of the other stuff I'll need for my Christmas baking and some stocking stuffers. So, I went over my budget by quite a bit but I shouldn't have all that much more to buy between now and Christmas. In fact, I think I've already got most of the food on hand that is on my menu between now and then.

Although I bought the sugar free chocolate to make the Chocolate Truffle Torte for my Christmas dessert, the recipe also calls for some additional sweetener. I didn't want to ruin it by using Splenda so that's why I bought the liquid sweetener at Kroger today. It's a blend of erythritol and stevia so it shouldn't cause any bitterness when blended with the chocolate. I'm just not sure how much I'll need to use because it's not very concentrated and there's no way of measuring it. I guess I'll just add it to taste. I just hope that I won't need to add the whole bottle. That would make for a VERY expensive dessert considering that the chocolate was $8.00 and the sweetener was $3.41. I will also need a stick of butter and about 2 cups of heavy cream for in the torte and for the topping. That would put the torte in the neighborhood of $13.00 to make. Ouch! It's a good thing that I didn't total it up before hand or I would have chickened out and not made it. I'm thinking about flavoring the torte with either peppermint or orange. It's very good plain but chocolate and peppermint would make a nice Christmas flavor combo. Would you vote for plain, peppermint or orange?

Oh, and once again my husband missed one of the grocery bags in my trunk so I had to take a separate photo of the "missing" food because I didn't realize that some stuff was missing until after I'd taken the first photo.


  1. I like peppermint with chocolate. I make a chocolate coconut milk ice cream (LC) and use peppermint extract... just about 1/8 tsp. I love it. I'm thinking I may make your torte for Christmas, too. I'll use coconut milk since I can't handle dairy.

  2. I vote peppermint!!