Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still no stove...

I had to tell them not to deliver the stove yesterday because our son has boxes all over the living room. There was no way that they could get the stove through the house and into the kitchen. We also had no place to move the microwave cabinet to with all the junk all over the room. Our son will start moving stuff to his apartment after work tonight and do most of the moving tomorrow.

So, my menus are still being planned on a day-to-day basis for now. With me being such a planner and organizer it's a little unsettling for me but I'm trying not to think about it. We won't starve or anything. We've got plenty of eggs and cheese in the fridge and I can cook on the stove top. We've got leftover fajitas and today I'm going to make a stir-fry with ground pork and frozen Asian veggies. I've got some steaks thawing for tomorrow.


  1. Maybe you could show us your kitchen in some pictures? Or the inside of your cupboards. Or share your spice list with us. Which spices are must haves on this woe? Thanks.

    1. I'm planning to do that once I have my new stove and do a little tidying up. As far as spices, that's up to your personal taste. You really only need to be careful with the "blends" that might have sugar or starch in them. I think I've got my spice list on my main site. Here's the link to my "shopping list" page: I see that I forgot to put coriander on the list so I'll add it now.

  2. Well, good grief, after copying and pasting the contents of your cupboards so I could print them out, I find this note with the link back. I don't know how I missed that page. Your 'shopping list' is perfect. Now I have both to work off of....