Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Non-food inventory

I thought I should also post an inventory of some of the non-food items that I buy since they also come out of my shopping budget. I always keep at least one back-up of everything. As soon as I use up the current supply of anything, I add that item to my shopping list and replace it either on my next shopping trip or very soon. I generally buy a replacement right away so that I never run out of anything. I also stock up whenever I see a good sale and/or I've got a coupon.

Here's what I have on hand in addition to the currently being used items:

Bar soap - 7
Blush - 5
Conditioner - 3
Cover stick - 4
Deodorant - 4
Dishwasher gel
Disposable shavers (men's) - 20
Disposable shavers (women's) - 22
Eye shadow - 4
Eyebrow pencils - 12
Eyeliner pencils - 10
Face powder - 5
Foundation - 3
Hairspray - 6
Hand lotion
Kitchen trash bags
Laundry detergent - 5 bottles
Lip balm - 8
Liquid soap refill
Long heavy duty foil
Paper towels - 6 rolls
Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Regular foil
Shampoo - 6
Shout - 3
Shower spray refill
Tissue - 4
Toilet paper - 3 1/2 12-packs
Toothbrushes - 9
Toothpaste - 4
Twist tie storage bags
Wax paper

There are a lot of other items that I didn't bother to list but these are the main staples. When I post my weekly shopping lists, I will include non-food items on them as well.

Here is a photo of my cosmetics stash. I do have particular products that I like to use so I usually buy more whenever I have a good coupon and/or I see them on sale.

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