Sunday, July 7, 2013

This week's menu

Chile Chicken Monterey
I've got four of my favorite low carb meals planned for this week. I've already got most of the ingredients on hand because I stocked up when the price was right. I'll only need to pick up the necessary veggies just before I make them. Today I'll be making my Pizza Toppings Casserole. On Tuesday I will make Sloppy Joe Stuffed Peppers. I just hope that they've got nice peppers in stock when I shop tomorrow. Thursday it's Chile Chicken Monterey and on Friday I'll make Dottie's Burger Scramble Florentine. I got cream cheese for 99-cents a couple weeks ago so I just need to get a box of frozen spinach when I shop on Thursday. For this week at least, my family will have mainly low carb meal options except on Saturday when I will cook some frozen ravioli for them. They've also got leftover roast chicken, a little bit Asian pork stir-fry (served on rice), which is based on my Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps recipe, and spaghetti to choose from. 

I almost forgot about the Ham & Cheese Quiche that I baked this morning for my husband's breakfasts. He likes my low carb quiches and they keep him from eating carby foods for breakfast.


  1. Speaking of ingredients...........

    I just finished putting together the BBQ Sauce for your "Nancy's Beef Brisket Bar-B-Q". Bought a gorgeous grass fed 5 lb brisket this week-end from a local producer less than 5 miles down the road!

    Question? Where do you find blackstrap molasses?
    Is it a Texas thing?

    I usually use just a little regular molasses but I am sure the flavor is not the same, right?

  2. It's not a Texas thing but it may be more popular, an readily available, in the south. Try looking in the health food section of the store if they don't have it with the regular molasses. It's actually not that easy to find here either but I've seen it at HEB (Texas grocery chain) and in the health food section at Kroger. The benefit of using blackstrap vs. regular molasses is that that flavor is a lot more concentrated so you can get away with using much less than you'd have to use of regular molasses. That translates into fewer added carbs when you want a little brown sugar flavor.