Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shopping List - Week of September 28 - October 4


HEB (Tuesday):
Shower spray - $1.97
Ice cream - $3.50
3 bags pork rinds (coupon 3/$3.00) - $3.00

TOTAL - $8.63

FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
Ground beef @ 1.49lb (marked down) - $16.05
2 8-ounce cheese @ 1.88 each - 3.76
Dozen eggs - $1.71
Bread - $.79
Jalapenos @ .69lb - $.88
Onions @ .39lb - $.69
Bacon flavored smoked sausage (marked down) - $1.99

TOTAL - $25.87

KROGER (Thursday):
2 dozen eggs @ 1.50 each (minus 10% discount) - $2.70
7 CARBmaster yogurt @ .40 each (minus 10% discount) - $2.52
Frozen yogurt @ 2.50 (minus 10% discount + .40 coupon) - $1.85
Pork sausage @ 3.00 (minus 10% discount + .40 coupon) - $2.70
Napkins @ .97 (minus 10% discount + .40 coupon) - $.87
Xanthan gum (marked down) - $2.59
Atkins peanut butter cups (marked down) - $2.79

TOTAL - $16.49

WALMART (Thursday):
Cooking spray - $2.08
Coffee - $2.98
Decaf - $2.78
Pancake syrup - $1.28
Tomato paste - $.46
16 ounces whole milk mozzarella - $3.64

TOTAL - $13.22

SPROUTS (Thursday):
Coco Polo chocolate bar - $4.64 (with tax)
Kerrygold butter - $2.99

TOTAL - $7.63

GRAND TOTAL FOR THE WEEK - $71.84 (over budget by $11.84)

As I mentioned on Tuesday, grocery shopping is a gamble because the prices can be all over the place. For example, today I bought a can of cooking spray at Walmart because I assumed that it would be cheaper there than at Kroger. WRONG! I paid $2.08 for it and found out afterward that it was only $1.79 at Kroger. Plus, I would have gotten 10% off at Kroger and paid just $1.61.

You're probably thinking that I've gone off the deep end buying pancake syrup. It's not for me, it's for my husband. I still have just enough Bisquick left to make him one batch of pancakes but I gave our syrup to our son when he moved out last spring.

I got a bag of xanthan gum from the clearance bin at Kroger for a steal today. The price was unbelievable at $2.59 for an 8 ounce bag! I wish I'd remembered just how expensive it usually is because they had two bags marked down to that price. The mark-down sticker said that the regular price was $5.08 but I know that's not right. Xanthan gum is usually at least $11.00 for an 8 ounce bag! I'm tempted to go back for the other bag but one bag will last me years and there's no guarantee that the bag hasn't been sold and I'd rather not waste gas and time.

The Atkins peanut butter cups were also a good deal at $2.79 marked down. I thought my husband might enjoy them. I'll have to stay away from them because of the maltitol.

I did splurge on some chocolate for myself though. I'd heard that Coco Polo chocolate was supposed to be very good but I was disappointed with it. Sprouts finally had the plain chocolate without almonds in stock so I decided to try it. It was outrageously expensive though and it turns out that I don't like it as well as the Lilly's chocolate which is a little cheaper. It's very bitter even though the label states that it's 70% cocoa. It is about as bitter as Lindt's 85% cocoa which is more bitter than I care for.

I also treated myself to some Kerrygold butter from Sprouts. It's on sale this week for $2.99 (8 ounces) so I thought I'd try it once and find out why it's so popular. I've been eating eggs quite a lot lately and I thought that would be the perfect way to try out the butter. It would be foolish to use such expensive butter in a recipe where the flavor wouldn't be noticeable but I can really taste the butter when I make scrambled eggs because I use a tablespoon per egg. Hopefully there will be enough of a flavor difference between the Kerrygold and the cheaper brands that I usually buy to justify my extravagance. When I got home from the store, I removed it from the wrapper and put it in a plastic storage container to make it easier to measure out. It has a very difference consistency than the butter I usually buy. Regular butter is quite hard when it is cold and the Kerrygold is soft and creamy. I'm curious to know if $2.99 was a good price for Kerrygold or not. How much does it usually cost where you shop? The regular Sprouts price is $3.79 and I definitely would never pay that much for half a pound of butter. I don't even pay that much for a full pound of regular butter.


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  1. What a bargain on that Xanthan Gum!! You're right on the price, it's usually $11-$12 a bag. I wouldn't bother going back for another one either though, as you don't use it often enough. Just enjoy your savings on that one!