Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shopping List - Week of June 1 - June 7

HEB (Tuesday):
Passion fruit drink mix - $1.88
Quart heavy cream - $3.56
Pork rinds - $1.49

TOTAL - $7.09

FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
4 packages marked down ground beef @ 1.49lb (about 7 1/2 pounds) - $10.99
Jalapeños @ .69lb - $.63
1 pound fresh bean sprouts - $.99

TOTAL - $12.61

KROGER (Thursday):
2 CARBmaster yogurt @ .40 each (minus 10% discount) - $.72
Lemon tea mix @ 1.79 (minus 10% discount) - $1.61
Peanut butter @ 2.19 (minus 10% discount) - $1.97
Diet cherry gelatin mix @ .34 (minus 10% discount) - $.31
12-pack diet soda @ 2.39 (minus 10% discount) - $2.15
18 eggs @ 2.79 (minus 10% discount) - $2.51
8 ounce Colby-Jack cheese @ 2.59 (minus 10% discount) - $2.33
8 ounce shredded mozzarella @ 2.59 (minus 10% discount) - $2.33
6 ounces sliced Swiss cheese @ 2.59 (minus 10% discount) - $2.33
Coleslaw mix @ 1.50 (minus 10% discount) - $1.35
3 green peppers @ .77 each - $2.31

TOTAL - $20.10

WALMART (Thursday):
2 rolls pork sausage @ 2.48 each - $4.96
Turkey pastrami - $2.50
Bath mat - $4.96
Vinegar - $.56

TOTAL - $13.38


I was surprised to see raspberry white chocolate CARBmaster yogurt at my regular Kroger store today. I wasn't planning to buy yogurt but I picked up two of them because I'm sure it was a fluke and they won't have that flavor next week. I usually have to go to a different Kroger store to get that flavor.

I bought an ink cartridge for my printer at Walmart today but I didn't count that into my grocery budget. However, I did count the bath mat that I also bought and I still came in under budget for the week. That's also taking into account the two rolls of pork sausage that I bought that weren't on my list as well as the sliced Swiss cheese that I'd forgotten to put on my list. I'm making pastrami sandwiches next week so I was buying pastrami and slaw mix today but somehow forgot all about the Swiss cheese until I got to the store.

As I mentioned on Tuesday, something else that I got that wasn't on my list, were the jalapeños. I used them to make Charski's Bread & Butter Pickled Jalapeños which are delicious. I will definitely make them again. Jerry loves them too. They're better than any canned pickled jalapeños I've ever had. The chiles I got are extremely hot though so they're a little dangerous to eat!

As you can see, I did buy some green peppers today which means that the "Kicken Chicken" is off the menu and "Mexican Stuffed Peppers" are on for Saturday. They were expensive but at least they weren't a dollar each. If they'd been cheaper, I would have gotten four of them. I decided to make do with three for my stuffed peppers. I'll just pile them high with the meat and cheese. I'll get six servings out of them in any case because we usually each only eat half of a pepper.

I was a little ticked off with Walmart but they do this sort of thing all the time. I wasn't planning to buy any pork sausage today but I had in the back of my mind that I'd need to get some soon. When I saw that they had some for only $2.29 per roll, I grabbed two of them. But, when I got home, and looked at my receipt, they had charged me $2.48 each. Walmart is notorious for marking their shelves with the wrong prices. It's not worth the trouble and gas to go back for a 38-cent refund and the price is still pretty good. It's hard to find pork sausage for less than $4.00 anymore.


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