Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shopping List for June 21 - June 27

ALDI (Thursday):
2 packages cookies @ .99 each - $1.98
4 x 8-ounce cheese @ 1.59 each - $6.36
Cream cheese - $.99
Tortilla chips - $.85
Potato chips - $.75
1 can mushrooms - $.59

TOTAL - $11.52

WALMART (Thursday):
Toothpaste - $.85
Toothpaste - $1.00
Air freshener - $.97
10-pack Dial soap - $4.88
Liquid soap - $3.97
Liquid Stevia/Erythritol - $2.74

TOTAL - $14.89

KROGER (Thursday):
2 cans tuna @ .78 each - $1.56
Cottage cheese @ 1.00 (minus 40-cent coupon) - $.60
Dozen eggs - $2.67
Frozen cauliflower - $1.00
Sugar free pickle relish - $1.87
Decaf coffee - $3.50
2 16-ounce shredded cheese @ 2.99 each - $5.98

TOTAL - $17.18

GRAND TOTAL - $43.59

I didn't do any shopping on Tuesday this week because there wasn't anything that I really needed from the stores that I go to that day. Instead we went to the Treasures of the Heart charity shop and I bought a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts and six tops for just under $30. Included in the price were also a couple of books for Jerry and three blue and white plates that were a dollar each. I hadn't been to the charity shop since back before Christmas.

I actually would have spent a bit more this week if I hadn't forgotten about buying the chicken that was on sale at Kroger. I know that I had it written down on the rough draft of my shopping list but it somehow missed getting on my final list. It's a shame because 69-cents pound is a very good price on bone-in chicken thighs. I don't really want to make another trip to Kroger just for chicken so I might stop by there next Tuesday while I'm out and it will be the last day of the sale. Unfortunately, the cost of the chicken will count toward next week's shopping bill.

I noticed something odd on my Walmart receipt. For some crazy reason, there is tax on bar soap but not on liquid hand soap. Also, there's no tax on toothpaste.

I'm going to try Kroger's sugar free pickle relish and see if I like it. I bought their brand once several years ago and didn't like it as well as Mt. Olive's. But, Mt. Olive has apparently changed the flavor of theirs and I don't like it anymore. I'm hoping that Kroger's is better than the new Mt. Olive formula. It's a shame because I've been buying Mt. Olive relish for years and years and liked the flavor of it. Why do companies have to mess with products that people like as they are?

We had to replace the fluorescent light bulbs in the kitchen the other day and I found out today that I can no longer take nice photos of my groceries like I used to get with the old bulbs. The new one is very bright and bluish and the photos came out washed out and the colors are all wrong. I did what I could to fix up the photo in my graphics program but there's only so much I can do. Next week I will try taking the photos without the light on and see if that works. Since I don't use a flash, I'm not sure if there's enough light in the kitchen with the ceiling light off but we'll see.

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  1. I'm behind in reading your posts. I've had a lot of company this summer. I've missed your inspiring posts! :-)