Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shopping List for May 31 - June 6


FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
Ground beef @ 1.99lb (marked down) - $19.47
Bacon - $1.77

TOTAL - $21.24

HEB (Tuesday):
Shower spray - $2.24

TOTAL - $2.42

ALDI (Thursday):
2 packages cookies @ .99 each - $1.98
8-ounce cheese - $1.59
Dozen eggs - $1.39
Coffee - $2.79
Butter - $2.19
Dry onions - $.99
Ice cream - $2.69
2 cans tomato paste @ .39 each - $.78

TOTAL - $14.40

KROGER (Thursday):
Ice cream @ 2.50 (minus 10% discount) - $2.25
9 CARBmaster yogurt @ 3/$1.00 (minus 10% discount) - $2.73
Napkins @ .97 (minus 10% discount) - $.87
Frozen Asian vegetables @ 1.00 (minus 10% discount) - $.90
3 x 16 ounce shredded cheese @ 2.99 each (minus 10% discount + .65 coupon) - $7.42
2 candy bars @ .25 each (marked down) - $.50

TOTAL - $14.78

GRAND TOTAL - $52.84 (over budget by $2.84)


 The "Kobe" ground beef that I bought on Tuesday made very tasty hamburgers. The meat seemed to have a little more flavor than the cheaper ground beef that I usually buy. It wouldn't be worth paying more for though. The cheap kind tastes just fine and has more fat in it.

I have no idea why but Kroger gave me the senior discount on the Turkey Hill ice cream that I bought there today. Maybe the company is owned by Kroger or something. The CARBmaster yogurt is on sale this week 3/$1.00. It has been years since they've had it on sale but 40-cents isn't a bad price.



  1. I miss the weekly menus, always gave me ideas when I'm drawing a blank on what to cook for dinner. Are you stock piling shower spray or do you really use that much?

    1. We spray the shower after each use so we go through a bottle about every 1 to 1 1/2 weeks. I always buy a replacement bottle when the previous one is down to a certain point so that we don't run out. I haven't had much trouble getting it, now that I buy it at HEB, but when I used to buy it at Walmart, they were often out of it when I needed to buy more. So, I don't take a chance and buy it sooner rather than later. Sure, I could buy a more expensive brand in a pinch but I try to avoid doing that.

    2. I forgot to add that daily shower spray really does work. I keeps me from having to scrub the bathtubs for quite a long time. Without the spray, I'd have to clean the tubs at least once a week and the shower curtain would be all moldy in a short time.