Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shopping List for June 7 - June 13


FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
Onions @ .39lb - $.93
5 cans tomato sauce @ .20 each - $1.00

TOTAL - $1.93

HEB (Tuesday):
3-pack tissue - $3.57
Hamburger buns - $.88

TOTAL - $4.74

ALDI (Thursday):
2 packages cookies @ .99 each - $1.98
8-ounce cheese - $1.59
Dozen eggs - $1.39
Coffee - $2.69
Ice cream - $2.69
Cream cheese - $.99

TOTAL - $11.33

WALMART (Thursday):
Coffee filters - $1.78
2 Roma tomatoes @ .98lb - $.57
1 green pepper - $.50

TOTAL - $2.99

KROGER (Thursday):
Ice cream - $2.99
5 CARBmaster yogurt @ .40 each - $2.00
Boston butt pork roast @ .99lb/$10.45 ($2.00 coupon) - 8.45
5 cans diet Vernors ginger ale (marked down) - $1.19
Frozen spinach - $1.00
Kroger liquid Splenda - $2.79
2 jars peanut butter @ .99 each - $1.98
Parmesan cheese - $2.99

TOTAL - $23.39

GRAND TOTAL - $44.38


I got a great deal on the pork roast at Kroger. They were on sale for 99-cents pound this week plus I had a coupon good for $2.00 off a $10 or more meat purchase. Luckily, they had one roast that was just over $10.00. The rest of them were all just under that. 

I'll be using the green pepper and tomatoes to make Undercover Chicken tonight. It's simple to make and we both love it. Instead of Italian dressing, I use HEB's Creamy Garlic Caesar dressing.

I grew up in the Detroit area in Michigan so, when I saw the marked down Vernors ginger ale in the clearance bin at Kroger, I had to buy it. It was a special treat to have a glass of Vernors during the holidays and other family gatherings. Back then, you didn't drink "pop" every day like people do now. If you've never heard of Vernors, HERE is a Huffington Post article about it. Until I read that article just now, I'd totally forgotten about Boston coolers. Oh boy, were those ever yummy. They were also a Detroit creation. A Boston cooler is just like a root beer float but with Vernors ginger ale instead of root beer. A Boston cooler is a hundred times better than a root beer float and I loved those too.


  1. Can you use krogers liquid Splenda for baking? I keep having problems posting a comment so you might have question several times

    1. Hi Jane. Kroger's liquid Splenda wouldn't really be suitable or economical for baking. There's no way to measure it and it's not very concentrated like Sweetzfree and the like.