Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday Bargains

I nearly forgot to tell you about the deals I got today. Food Town had Jimmy Dean maple pork sausage on sale for only $1.29 per roll but the sale was only on that flavor. I'd never tried it before but I bought two rolls even though it's a little carbier than plain pork sausage. It has 2 carbs per serving which is 1/6 of the package. I fried up one roll when I got home and it's pretty good but now the whole house smells like maple syrup. Eating it is a little like eating sausage and pancakes at the same time. They also had Owens sausage on sale for $1.88 per roll and I got one each of the regular and the Italian flavors.

Also at Food Town, I got a 10-ounce bottle of Kikkoman soy sauce on sale for 99-cents and my final cost was just 44-cents after a 55-cent coupon.

I got one bargain at HEB from the clearance bin. Because the boxes were damaged, they had two boxes of Atkins Advantage bars marked down to $3.00 each so I bought both packages. I avoid sugar alcohols but I thought that perhaps my husband might like to nibble on them when we become a strictly low carb household after our son moves out.


  1. Our local store had the Jimmy Dean on sale for .99 for a 12 oz. tube this week. I had it in the cart and put it back. I opted for the bulk in store sausage since I had never tried the Jimmy Dean brand. When I buy the tube sausage I usually get the Bob Evans brand. Do you know how the quality compares between the 2 brands? DH is very vocal about the meats I buy.

    1. Jimmy Dean here still comes in 16-ounce tubes as do all of the other brands. A few brands have tried selling 12-ounce tubes off and on but they always go back to a full pound, apparently because nobody will buy the smaller ones. They don't sell Bob Evans brand here but I think that Owens is made by the same company. When I looked up Owens yesterday, Google took me to the Bob Evans site. I haven't noticed a big difference between the brands so I buy whichever one is the cheapest. I do avoid the generic label tubes of pork sausage which seem to be of inferior quality. I don't mean the regular store brands but the store brand that comes in a plain wrapper.