Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Military Appreciation Monday

Last night we went to Golden Corral for their special Veteran's Day dinner. My husband is a veteran so his meal was free. It had been many, many years since I last went to Golden Corral so I wasn't sure how many low carb options they'd have there. I did quite well and there were probably more options that I missed. I had a small steak, some rotisserie chicken, a little pot roast and a few bites of their Bourbon Street Chicken. I indulged in a few chunks of cantaloupe and honeydew melon for dessert. I know that the bourbon chicken had some sugar in it but I didn't eat very much. I looked it up online and it has 4 carbs per serving, which isn't too terrible. It reminded me very much of my Seoul Chicken and, frankly, I like my recipe better. There was some kind of spice in theirs that I couldn't place and didn't care for. The place was very crowded and I never had a chance to look at the seafood area and I'm sure there would be some low carb options to be found there. I also didn't explore the veggie choices. I pretty much just grabbed some meat and headed to our table. Everything that I had tasted good and I went home satisfied.

It's looking like our son might finally be moving out soon. He's been threatening to do so for quite some time but his prospective roommates kept backing out on him. This time they've gone as far as filling out the application for an apartment so I think it might really come to pass this time. If you recall, I wrote a while back that I will stop buying and cooking high carb food once I only have myself and my husband to cook for. Looks like it's time to start making my menu plans and make a list of new recipes that I'd like to try. I will have to really watch my budget though because we'll have less income without our son's room and board every month. I'm hoping that not having to buy high carb foods for my son and husband anymore will make a big enough difference that I won't have to skimp too much. I'd like to start posting my weekly shopping lists here once we go totally low carb and we shall see if it is possible to eat well on a very tight budget or not.


  1. I can't wait until you post you shopping lists and menus!!!

  2. Linda, Please tell your husband my family thanks him for serving his country. We appreciate it very much. -Dawn