Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday's Shopping

I got about seven pounds of marked down ground beef today. That's good because my stash was getting kind of low. Although it was half price, it was still $1.79 pound but I guess that's cheap these days.

I saw a new and interesting product at HEB this morning. It's called Cafe Enhanca and it's a little bottle of cream for putting in coffee. It comes in one of those little squirt bottles like MiO and the like. They had it in regular, vanilla and hazelnut. It actually has real cream in it, as the first ingredient, but along with a bunch of additives and preservatives. It says that it's shelf-stable so I assume it doesn't need be refrigerated once it has been opened. It was $2.49 so I didn't buy it. If I did buy some to try sometime, I wouldn't use it at home but it might be a nice thing to take on a trip or other outing. Oh, and it's sweetened with Sucralose. The company is Dreampak and here's their website: http://www.dreampak.com/. I'm not positive but it looks like all of their products might be sugar free and they make a liquid Sucralose product too.

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