Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday shopping bargains

The Sloppy Joe Stuffed Peppers were a hit with the whole family. My husband raved about them and my finicky son liked them too. In fact, when I made them a few weeks ago, my son said that the filling might be good stuffed inside jalapeƱo peppers as an appetizer. I think that they'd have to be a lot less saucy for that idea to work though. I guess I could call them Sloppy Poppers!

I managed to fit all of the sloppy joe filling into the twelve large pepper halves. That was three pounds of meat and two batches of the sauce. I put 8 ounces of cheese in the filling and another 8 ounces over the top.

Today was my other shopping day for the week. On Thursdays I usually go to Walmart and Kroger (Tuesday I go to Food Town and HEB). I didn't get any significant bargains at Walmart today other than a ream of printer paper for which I had a 50-cent off coupon.

Roasted and peeled Hatch chiles
Kroger had some nice deals this week though. They have whole chickens for 49-cents pound so I bought one. They have pints of fresh blueberries for only 99-cents so I bought two of those. When I got home, I made blueberry pancakes (not low carb) for the guys and froze one pint of the berries for another time. Kroger also has Hatch chiles right now and those were 68-cents per pound. I bought a few of those and roasted and peeled them when I got home. I froze them to use when I make Cilantro Pepita Sauce to go on fajitas which I plan to make next week. While I was in the baking aisle getting a bag of unsweetened coconut, I noticed that the Bacon Salt was $3.49. So, I think I did get a very good deal on it at HEB for $1.50 the other day.

I also dug through the clearance bin at Kroger and found a few goodies. I got a jar of ground coriander for $1.37. The label said the original price was over $7.00! That seems a bit steep but I do usually pay at least $3.50 for it. I also found a can of mushrooms for 59-cents. I'm all set for my Thanksgiving stuffing because they had 16-ounce bags of Kroger brand stuffing crumbs marked down to 69-cents (62-cents after my senior discount). I don't eat bread stuffing but my son and husband do and that's cheaper than any sale price they might have around Thanksgiving.


  1. Just found your blog via your site. Love this blog! All your tips and grocery/budget information is so helpful! It really makes this low carb lifestyle change much easier. Thanks!

    1. Hi Diane. What is a "" site? As far as I know, I don't have anything like that.

    2. I hate spell check! It was supposed to read......

    3. That's a relief because I had no idea what you were talking about, LOL.