Sunday, August 18, 2013

Salvaging Dinner

My plan for today was to make Chicken Lazone, which I've been wanting to make again ever since the first time I tried that recipe. I had a pound of fresh mushrooms to use up so I was going to cook them separately and add them to the Chicken Lazone at the end. To save on clean-up, I sautéed the mushrooms ahead of time in the same pan that I was planning to cook the chicken in. Meanwhile, I also cooked some rice for the guys and some green beans. All that was left to do was to make the Chicken Lazone.

Imagine my horror when I opened the package of chicken tenders and discovered that they were spoiled. I never eat chicken that smells "off" so into the trash it went, all three pounds of it. My first reaction was panic because I had no idea what I was going to serve for dinner with the rice, mushrooms and green beans. Then I remembered that we still had some leftover pork roast in the fridge. So, I cut the pork into cubes and added them to the sautéed mushrooms in the pan. Since I'd already seasoned the mushrooms with the same seasoning I was going to use on the chicken, I added some more of the seasoning blend to the meat. There was quite a lot of fat on the pork so I didn't add any butter but I did add a splash of heavy cream at the end to make a sauce. Dinner was saved!

Those are Trader Joe's frozen French green beans on my plate.

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