Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday's Shopping

Today was definitely "meat day". Food Town had several packages of ground beef marked down to $1.99lb. Usually for that price they only have the regular "ground beef". But, today they had an assortment. I got some ground beef, some ground chuck, ground sirloin and one package of "Kobe Beef of Texas". I put all the smaller packages in the freezer right away. The "Kobe Beef of Texas" is in the larger 2 1/2 pound package and I'm going to use it to make burgers tonight. I'm curious to see what's so special about it.


  1. Linda, I know this post is from last summer, but I just bought some of this kobe ground beef at Food Town. It was $3/lb. Was there anything exceptional about it when you tried it?

    1. I've had it a couple more times since then when I've found it marked down again. I think it has a slightly better flavor than the regular hamburger but not enough better to justify paying full price for it. If you want to make some nice burgers, try it once to see what you think. For using in recipes, there's no point in paying more for it.