Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shopping List for February 22 - February 28


FOOD TOWN (Monday):
Ground beef @ 1.99lb (marked down) - $10.64
Boneless chicken breasts @ 1.77lb - $3.08
2 Boston butt pork roasts @ .99lb - $7.48
4 red bell peppers @ .50 each - $2.00
Onions @ .39lb - $.81
Green onions - $.59

TOTAL - $24.60

ALDI (Thursday):
Cream cheese - $1.29
Coffee - $3.99
1 dozen eggs - $.99
2 tomato paste @ .39 each - $.78

TOTAL - $7.90

WALMART (Thursday):
Thai red curry paste - $2.42
Mildew spray - $2.88

TOTAL - $5.54

KROGER (Thursday):
7 CARBmaster yogurt @ .40 each (minus 10% discount) - $2.52
2 12-pack diet soda @ 2.39 each (minus 10% discount + $.95 coupon) - $3.35
2 bags tortilla chips @ 1.00 each (minus 10% discount + $1.00 coupon) - $.80
2 pounds butter @ 1.99 each (minus 10% discount) - $3.58
2 jars peanut butter @ 1.49 each (minus 10% discount) - $2.68
Napkins @ .97 (minus 10% discount) - $.87
2 ice cream at 2.50 each (minus 10% discount + .40 coupon) - $4.10

TOTAL - $18.32

GRAND TOTAL - $56.36 (over budget by $6.36)

I decided to splurge and get some tortilla chips for my husband since he's been crunchy snack deprived for so long. I couldn't pass them up at 40-cents per bag after my discount and a coupon (I had to buy 2 to use the coupon).

I was so happy to finally see pork roasts for 99-cents pound again after being around $2.50 pound for so long. I'd basically stopped buying pork because it was so expensive. Food Town has them for the same price again in this week's ad so I might buy another one next Tuesday (last day of the sale) and cook it right away. I've tentatively altered my menu for next week to work in a pork roast.

Although I didn't need any eggs, I bought one dozen today because they're still 99-cents at the new Aldi store this week. I made a big batch of egg salad a few days ago and I'll probably make another big batch soon now that I've got a surplus of eggs on hand. I used 10 eggs in the last batch and I might go ahead and use a full dozen next time because egg salad gets eaten very quickly around here.

I bought the cream cheese today to make another Raspberry-Almond Crumb Cake in the next few days. I've still got enough sour cream and strawberry jam left so I figured I might as well because the last one was so yummy. In case you haven't noticed, I've updated the recipe a little after making a few changes to it when I made the last one the other day.



  1. I can't believe how low some of your grocery prices run. You are such a disciplined shopper. That crumb cake is still staring at me! :-)

    1. I do try to mostly buy stuff that's on sale and going to so many different stores really helps me get the best deals. If I was stuck having to do all of my shopping at just one store, it would be a lot more challenging to stay within my budget I think.