Thursday, January 29, 2015

Shopping List for January 25 - January 31


FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
Ground beef @ 1.99lb (marked down) - $12.70
2 8-ounce fresh mushrooms @ 1.29 each - $2.58
Italian sausage - $2.49
Smoked ham pieces @ .99lb - $2.82
Onions @ .39lb - $.80
Green onions - $.79
Garlic - $.60

TOTAL - $22.78

HEB (Tuesday):
1 quart heavy cream - $3.56
Broccoli stir-fry blend - $2.48
2 pounds ground pork (marked down) - $4.38

TOTAL - $10.42

ALDI (Thursday):
Celery - $.59
Cremini mushrooms - $.79
2 dozen eggs @ .99 each - $1.98
Bread - $.85
Pancake mix - $1.49
Colby cheese - $1.79
Coffee - $3.99

TOTAL - $11.48

KROGER (Thursday):
6 CARBmaster yogurt @ .40 each (minus 10% discount) - $2.76
12 pack diet soda @ 2.39 (minus 10% discount) - $2.15
2 16-ounce bags shredded cheese @ 2.99 each (minus 10% discount) - $5.38
2 ice cream @ 2.50 each (minus 10% discount) - $4.50
4 packages lip balm @ 1.29 each (marked down) - $5.16

TOTAL - $19.95

WALMART (Thursday):
Makeup remover cloths - $5.97
Vanilla - $.98
Liquid smoke - $1.12
2-pack 3-way light bulbs - $2.38

TOTAL - $1.25

GRAND TOTAL - $65.88 (over budget by $15.88)

Oops! I went over my budget again this week, partly because I bought marked down ground beef and ground pork on Tuesday. At least I got some pretty good deals. The ground pork was marked down 25% and the ground beef was half price. The ham pieces were a steal at 99-cents pound. Eggs were still 99-cents at Aldi this week so I bought two dozen more even though I still had a couple dozen left from last week. I couldn't pass up celery for 59-cents either. I rarely need fresh celery so I will chop the whole bunch and freeze it for recipes.

I bought two containers of ice cream for Jerry this week because it was on sale. I also bought the pancake mix for him. He loves pancakes so I told him that I'd make them for him occasionally. I had to buy a complete mix that only needs water because I never buy milk anymore now that our son has moved out. I already had pancake syrup in the pantry.

I splurged on the coffee at Aldi today because I want to see if I like theirs. It's always $3.99 so I might buy it there when Community coffee isn't on sale at Kroger. I might not even buy myself any more coffee for a while. I really only drink it in the winter when it's cold and spring is just around the corner. I only have it once or twice a week even in the winter. I try not to drink coffee more than two days in a row so that I don't get hooked on it.

I found the lip balm in the clearance bin at Kroger. They were marked down to only $1.29 per package of three. That's cheaper than buying one tube at the regular price so I bought all four packages that they had. It works out to only 43-cents per tube.



  1. Your store prices are so good. I wish we had your stores in our area. Thanks for posting.

    1. I'm thankful that I can still get a few bargains these days. There are some things that we just never eat because I refuse to pay what they're charging now for them. I can't complain though because we eat very well.

    2. Yes, we are so blessed compared to other countries. It would be interesting to see a list of what you refuse to eat due to higher costs. hint, hint! :-)

    3. I'm not exactly refusing to eat some of these things but I refuse to pay the regular price for them. All beef other than marked down ground beef is out of my price range now and most pork too. I do have two nice steaks in the freezer that may have been the last ones bought for a decent mark-down price. We can live without steak and I don't mind eating hamburger day in and day out. I can't speak for my husband though, LOL. Thankfully, chicken is still a reasonable price when on sale.

  2. Thank you, Linda. May I ask what price you try to stay under for your meat? Is your monthly food budget under $300? So thankful your help. Prices keep rising and I'm needing to become more diligent.

    1. I like to stay under $2.00 per pound for meat or $3.00 tops if I think it's something worth paying that much for. My monthly grocery budget is about $220 and that's for food and non-food items. That works out to about $50 per week and I try to at least stay under $60.