Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shopping List - Week of June 15 - June 21


HEB (Tuesday):
3 bags pork rinds @ 1.00 each (minus 3/$3.00 coupon) - $3.00
Quart heavy cream - $3.56

TOTAL - $6.56

FOOD TOWN (Tuesday):
Cauliflower - $2.99
Celery - $1.39
Red onion @ .79lb - $.40
Italian sausage - $3.69
2 8-ounce fresh mushrooms @ .39 each - $.78

TOTAL - $9.25

KROGER (Thursday):
Ice cream @ 2.50 (minus 10% discount + .55 coupon) - $1.70
5 cream cheese @ 1.00 each (minus 10% discount) - $4.50
9 CARBmaster yogurt @ .40 each (minus 10% discount) - $3.24
Banana extract @ 2.19 (minus 10% discount) - $1.97
2 sugar free gelatin @ .34 each (minus 10% discount) - $.62
2 x 18 eggs @ 1.88 each (minus 10% discount) - $3.38

TOTAL - $15.41

HEB (Thursday):
3 sugar free Passion Fruit drink mix @ 1.75 each (minus 3 x 75-cent coupons) - $3.00
Small apple pie - $2.99

TOTAL - $6.24

WALMART (Thursday):
Shower cleaner - $1.97
2 stick-on hooks @ 2.67 each - $5.34
2 wash cloths @ 1.77 each - $3.54
Candy - $3.58
8 ounces mushrooms - $1.68
Ice cream sandwiches - $3.50

TOTAL - $20.80



The mushrooms were a steal. Food Town had them on sale for 88-cents but they had a few packages marked down to 39-cents each. Since I'd planned to cook them the same day anyway, I went ahead and got some of the marked down ones even though they didn't look quite as nice and fresh as the others.

Just the other day, I got an indication that one of my color ink cartridges was just about out of ink. I always keep a backup of each cartridge for each of my three printers. I haven't changed that cartridge yet but I wrote down on my "buy soon" list that I should buy a backup cartridge as soon as the old one was replaced. I usually buy them at Walmart and that particular cartridge is just over $41.00 there. Whenever I go to HEB, I check their mark-down bins for goodies and on Tuesday they just happened to have the exact cartridge that I was going to have to replace. Best of all, it was marked down to only $20! It doesn't expire until 2015 but it does expire a few months sooner than the other backup so I'll install that one first. I've actually found quite a few marked down ink cartridges at Kroger over the years. It's one thing that I don't cheap out on by buying refilled ones. I've had a couple of bad experiences with refills so I won't do that again. I rely on my printers for printing renewal letters and membership cards, etc. for the local computer club and I also make greeting cards, calendars and lots of other printed projects. Anyway, I didn't count the $20 in with my grocery budget but I thought I'd brag about my bargain.

I bought several high carb items this week because Saturday is Jerry's birthday. He requested apple pie and chocolate ice cream sandwiches and he insisted that they be "chocolate" ice cream sandwiches. I wasn't even sure that there was such a thing but I found some at Walmart. I also bought him some ice cream because it's on sale this week and I had a coupon. He loves Milky Way Midnight candy bars so I got a bag of minis for him too. Even with all of that stuff, I still came in a little under budget.

The new Sprouts Farmers Market still looks a long way from being ready to open but I noticed today that they now have a sign out front that says "Sprouts Coming Soon". There's still no opening date listed on their site so I think it won't open until this fall or winter.

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