Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sprouts Farmer's Market

I got an ad in the mail today for a new store in the area. It's called Sprouts Farmer's Market. Has anyone heard of it or been there? It's not too far from me, but far enough that I'd only go there to check it out to see what they've got. Is it worth making the trip?

Courtesy: Sprouts Farmers Market.


  1. Hi, I live in Fort Worth and I have had a Sprouts to shop at for the past 3 years and I love it! It like a farmer's market/health food store. I can get very good prices on meat, vegetables and fruit. With coupons and their sales I can even get vitamins and other items cheaper than other places. It's worth checking out. Linda Kay

  2. Linda, we have Sprouts in the DFW area. They're full of beautiful (expensive) food, kind of like Central Market. About the only thing I've ever bought there was produce. They do have some good sales on fresh fruits and veggies frequently. I don't go there a lot, though, as it's a little far from home. I'd suggest you sign up to receive their email sales flyer each week and you can decide if it's worth the trip.

  3. We shop at Sprouts for a number of things, Organic baby formula is cheaper there than anywhere, including amazon.

    They have good prices on organic veggies and raw cheeses. We buy our Toms toothpaste and free-trade Everyday shampoo/conditioner as well.

    The only thing we don't buy there is organic heavy whipping cream because it contain carrageenan and we have to avoid that, we buy Trader Joe's brand instead.

    It's a good store with good prices, especially if you shop the ads and stock up on non-perishables when they are on sale.

  4. It sounds like it's at least worth checking out once.

  5. Sprouts bought our Sunflower Market in Colorado. If you shop on Wed you get the specials for the past week and the coming week, It is cheaper than Whole Foods.

  6. Linda,
    I checked out their website and they post all sales, specials and their weekly ads with coupons. Stuff looks pretty good. I am on the east coast, we don't have a Sprouts, but do have Wegman's and Trader Joe's. I love both stores because their produce and house brands can't be beat.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I hadn't noticed the coupons. Of course they're mostly for carby stuff that I'd never buy but I will check them before I go there.

  7. Linda we live in the Phoenix area and Sprouts is very big here. They do have very nice sales on their veggies and their meats are very good. Much better than the bigger stores in the area. they do have a lot of bulk foods also.